Unique Scientist

We are a team of scientists striving to encourage the celebration of diversity in science by highlighting the journeys of #UniqueScientists from all over the world. The #UniqueTeam is fueled with a passion to highlight the diverse faces and stories of scientists that give their heart and soul every day for a better future. Our mission is to embrace diversity and share the #UniqueJourney of any scientist who wishes to share their tale with the world. And, that is exactly what you will find on here: stories.

Almost daily, you will find on spotlight a brand-new journey. The story of a unique scientist who has shared a little bit about their lives with the hope to inspire current and future generations to follow their dreams. Our vision is to create an atmosphere that helps others realize that their self-identity should never be a determining factor in the career you choose. #UniqueScientists is more than a group of scientists sharing their stories. #UniqueScientists is a movement and a force that welcomes the journey of every scientist and uses it to empower a brighter future. Check it out!