46 Questions

Scientists* are characterized over and over again by the same few stereotypes: that we’re anti-social, disinterested in society, and work-obsessed. But these negative stereotypes are harmful on so many levels. They feed into negative ideas of science and scientists and actually influence how messages are received outside of the scientific community. The narrow presentation of scientists as being only from certain genders, races, backgrounds, and career trajectories also influences who enters STEM fields, and who stays there. We know how important representation and inclusivity are, and we want to broaden the heck out of them in our field.

We here at 46 Questions want to elevate the voices of underrepresented peoples in science-oriented careers and to foster a sense of community in the sciences. We want to showcase the diversity that makes us strong and to make scientists more relatable at the same time, both to the rest of the world and to each other. How? Easy: we hit scientists with 46 rapid-fire questions, they answer, and we share the results. It’s quick, painless, and hopefully fun!

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