Alexis Garretson

Alexis Garretson

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

The Jackson Laboratory

Tufts University

Mohonk Preserve


Alexis Garretson is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and Predoctoral Student at Tufts University and The Jackson Laboratory joint program in Mammalian Genetics. Her research focuses on improving the accessibility and integration of historical data sources and ensuring sustainable stewardship of scientific data at small research institutions. She has served as the Data Stewardship Community Fellow for the Earth Science Information Partners for the last two years. She advocates for open data as an Open Biodiversity Data Ambassador with the Global Biodiversity Information Facilities and a Champion with the National Microbiome Data Collaborative. She has also been involved in bioinformatics and data science education as an instructor with The Carpentries and through developing university data science curriculum.

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  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics
  • Data Science


  • PhD Genetics, Mammalian Genetics, in progress

    Tufts University & Jackson Laboratory

  • MS Biology, Evolutionary Biology, 2020

    George Mason University

  • BS Biology, Environmental and Conservation Biology, 2018

    George Mason University

Recent Publications

Pan trap color preference across Hymenoptera in a forest clearing

Our data support recent studies that suggest yellow traps alone may be insufficient for sampling the true diversity of certain hymenopteran groups in a region.

In the Media

Awarded a FUNding Friday Grant from ESIP

Awarded a small grant to support the development of a tool to improve citizen science

Museum Cultural Network Scholar

Selected as a 2020 MCN Scholar


  • Bar Harbor, ME